Farewell Dr. Sebi (Food Guide)


The past 24 hours have been very idle here at SD, as we received the news of the great Dr. Sebi’s passing.  Sad would be understatement…There aren’t enough words to describe the amount of inspiration he provided.  There are even fewer words to describe the amount of appreciation I personally have for the knowledge he shared.

What Happened?

The circumstances surrounding his death are just about as shady as the other 49 Holistic Healers who’ve lost their lives this year.  For now the official story is the he died in Honduras due to health complications after being imprisoned for carrying $37k.

The Guide

Take from it what you will, another black man dying while in police custody….BUT without getting too much into that we would like to spread just a small portion of the love. Click here to view and download the PDF of his eating guide, and check out his recently redesigned website.  Hopefully it does as much for you as it has for me. Love You All!

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