The First Open Universe Video Game, No Man’s Sky

It is easy to automatically reference GTA when considering ‘free roaming’ video games worth discussing.  However as time goes on and minds expand, it’s only natural for this genre of gaming to expand.

No Man’s Sky has been making waves this week on the interwebs, and for very good reason.  It allows you explore a vast computer generated universe, chock full of inhabited planets.  Vast is an understatement, as the actual count is the somewhat immeasurable total of 18,446,744,073,709,551,616. (That’s the real number) So large, the developers themselves weren’t even able to discover every planet.  Therefore, during your play, if you discover and unnamed planet, you actually get to name it!

Check out the video above and let us now you’re thoughts or first impressions of the the game. 

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