The Visuals Of Nils Westergard

Here at SD we come across lots of artist.  Being in and around NYC with your eyes open, its nearly impossible to experience art.  This guy Nils Westergard, a Virginia based visual artist, is one of the few adept to both the streets and the studio.  His large scale mural style artwork almost brings all the elements we dig about street art and imposing them into a small space.  Why have an NFL ‘fathead’ on your wall?

The piece above, came about when Nils discovered the mattress pictured, and turned into his canvas.  Of course it didn’t take very long for it to be snatched up.  “Screw, the bed bugs.”  The ultimate compliment. Check out some more selects from Westergard’s 2015 portfolio, consisting of 6 countries, 4 states, and 12 cities!

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