The Best Zangief In America

Street Fighter V just released and 80’s babies everywhere are going crazy. However, the days of Daigo Umehara reigning over all the eye can see are long over.  There are new breeds of joystick warriors gracing the scene now, and most of them are younger than us.  Like 21 years young, making $100k+ yearly doing the same thing our Moms told us would get us nowhere.

One matchup that always favored my amateur at best Ken Masters was Zangief.  The slow wrestler from USSR would seem to become a punching bag while under the influence of the average player. Now, a well run Zangief is damn near impossible to beat.

Need Proof?  Check out this kid SnakeEyez, probably the #1 Zangief player in America, which nowadays means the best in the world, as American players seem to the have their Asian counterparts beat.


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