No Cameras Allowed | Marcus Haney

Passion and persistence are two things that are constantly taken for granted. All too often people let go of things that were once important in order pursue lives of comfort while conforming to the rules society have so eloquently laid out.  Maybe it’s the fear of failure, that makes us second guess our abilities to alter this thing we perceive as reality.  FEAR, the destructive emotion that Videographer/Concert Hopper Marcus Haney does not possess, should never be taken into account when attempting to measure potential success.

The video above best explains Haney’s amazing feats, but long story short, he hops the fences (breaks into) private concerts and events in the pursuit of the greatest media ever captured.  Up close and personal with your favorite artist or band.  Although he spends a large chunk of his time trailing Mumford and Son, he may have created a style of journalism that will attract many mimics.

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