Ietef Vita | From Gangs to Gardens

Ietef Vita is an amazing individual who wears many hats in his community.  He is a hip hop yogi, educator, midwife, emcee, deejay, youth advocate, and seeker of self sustainable life, to name a few.  He created this program to help heal the cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and respiratory challenges that are rampant in his low-income, predominantly colored Northeast Denver neighborhood.  His organic garden helps to educate individuals on the importance of healthy eating and growing your own food.

Vita uses his music to inspire the youth to become more active in the food activist community.  “In order for us to see environmental improvement we must begin with the health of ourselves and individuals.”  This message couldn’t be more appropriately timed.

“I am more than what you see” ~Ietef Vita

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