Halloween w/ Max Steiner at The Standard

With Halloween 2015 just behind us, some of the best and worst costumes of the season are starting to surface on the web.  Catching our eye this year is Brooklyn based designer Max Steiner, and his collection of ‘masquerade ready’ pieces he designed for The Shop at The Standard, Highline.    Steiner, being a jack of many trades, has experience in everything from jewelry design to sculpture.  This year’s collection consists of several ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ worthy glasses, helmets, and masks.

First he creates a scalable 3D render, then custom fits each piece to the client.  “When the design is done,” Steiner mentions, “I separately cut each polygon from sheets of acrylic and carefully glue each piece together, edge to edge.”  Steiner’s pieces range between $80 and $740.

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