Burger King Fragrance | Flame Grilled

I spied this act of randomness by Burger King over the weekend, and while I initially thought it was a joke, I think they may actually be going through with this.  Burger King’s Flame Grilled fragrance is supposed to hit stores on April 1st/April Fools Day. (allegedly for 1 day only)  The best part is, not only will it cost you $41 to smell like burger, but it comes with a free Whopper! (exclamation for aesthetics only)

It’s still unclear to me whether or not it will be sold in the states, but if you’re in Japan, this would be a good opportunity to purchase several, as I’m sure they would sell for 4x more on Ebay.

Still don’t believe it’s real? Check out the running campaign below, and you be the judge.

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