1st Annual Vaginal Beauty Pageant

Sex Toy entrepreneur and creator of the Autoblow Brian Sloan, decided to up the product schematics a bit and include some 3D replicated faux flesh.   “They didn’t call it sexist when dildos were made from men’s penises.” says Brian.  In an attempt to level the playing field and monetize the hell out of all of his channels, he came up with the idea of having a Vagina Pageant!  From the top 3 winners a 3D mold will be taken of their vaginas and implanted into 1 Special Autoblow.  In essence having 3 completely different vaginal experiences in one toy, one thrust.

He found HIS top 3 in Berlin, Germany.  Where would you have looked?  Take a look at all the work that goes into planning and executing the World’s First, and hopefully Annual, Vaginal Beauty Pageant.

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